We’re just gonna leave this here. 24 years ago this weekend, Los Angeles four-piece Rage Against the Machine took the stage at iconic South Street fixture J.C. Dobbs, and today we bring you archival video of that show, care of YouTube concert videographer Markit Aneight.

Rage’s groundbreaking, politically-charged self-titled debut had only been out for a couple months, and the band was making its Philly debut. Zach De La Rocha, Tim Commerford, Tom Morello, and Brad Wilk open the set with the riveting funk-metal of “People of the Sun,” an early version of the song that would go on to open Evil Empire three years later; a minute in, and the mosh pit is already a visible frenzy. The eight-song setlist proceeded to showcase the first album’s highlights, from “Bombtrack” to “Freedom.”

Whether you’re in need of some inaugural catharsis today, or you’re always craving a good dose of heavy music, this will provide nicely. Watch the show and check out the setlist below.

People of the Sun
Fistful of Steel
Wake Up
Settle for Nothing
Bullet in the Head
Killing in the Name