Modern Baseball | Photo by Sydney Schaefer for WXPN

Later this month, Modern Baseball will embark on a European tour with Thin Lips and The Superweaks, and as part of the tour, they’ve recorded a three-way split EP. Thin Lips’ track, “Not Losing Sleep”, premiered a few weeks ago, and now you can hear MoBo’s contribution. “This Song is Gonna Buy Brendan Lukens a New Pair of Socks” may not have much to do with buying socks, but it’s sure to knock yours off! Wow, that was awful. Forget that I said that. The song is good. Just keep reading. Please.

As this is a Jake Ewald fronted number, it makes sense “This Song” bears a striking resemblance to a lot of the tracks on Slaughter Beach, Dog’s debut. Ewald’s lyrics are as self-reflective and thoughtful as ever, and the way the track blooms from its compressed, distorted first verse is a nice touch. If you’ve been a fan of Modern Baseball up to this point, you won’t be disappointed, so stream the track below ASAP. It’s getting cold out, and you don’t want Lukens’ feet to freeze.