Evergreen | via evergreen316.bandcamp.com

Philadelphia newcomers Evergreen released their first EP / mini LP with Strange Seasons, a mish-mashed rock record with a lot of backbone.

Pop-hook driven songs keep your head bobbing for the entire length, as each song adds a new and different element to the band’s fun style of garage pop-punk. “Easy Listening” starts the record on a more somber note, giving each instrument space to be their own below Billy Corgan-esque vocal work. As the record progresses, fuzz and reverb mush the three-piece into one, taking the shape of a post-punk band. The guitar intro on “Classic Rock” sound straight out of Basement’s Promise Everything.

The second half comes and goes in stride with some enjoyable pushpit tunes, with songs like “Modern Rock” bringing to mind Modern Baseball’s Perfect Cast EP. (And yes, each song is named for a style of music — pretty funny.) Points also for Emotional rock — or emo, as the kids call it — taking center stage on the closing track “Adult Contemporary,” which starts sounding like new American Football at times, finding that sweet Philly balance of emo and punk rock.

Overall, the record dabbles in emo punk, and indie influences far and wide, creating an overarching sound of some damn solid emotional rock and roll, making a strong first showing from this very new Philly band. Catch them tomorrow night at Space 1026 when they play an Aleppo Relief fundraiser with Shannen Moser, Narra and Maxwell Stern. More info on the show can be found here.