PREMIERE: Set sail on a tranquil lake with Silveeo in "Nautical"
Silveeo | photo by Lindsay Jones | courtesy of the artist

Meet Silvio Navarro, a local musician who has been working on music quietly at home for nearly ten years as Silveeo. The multi-instrumentalist is ready to share a debut EP now, though, and after hearing the gentle majesty of lead single “Nautical,” which we’re premiering today, boy are we glad about that.

Swells of acoustic guitar open “Nautical,” floating us on the bouncing waves that ripple out from the wake of a passing boat while we sit at the dock. As Navarro sings us through the process of setting out in his own vessel (“feeling the rope leveling out of your palms / while the sail billows out / balancing self, rudder adjust / as the wind blows by”) we’re transported to this tranquil lake that has been so inspirational for him. In fact, all of the songs on the forthcoming Biggest Fish EP, Navarro tells us, “are inspired biographical perspectives, of a recreational man who lived by the lakeside; adjacent to nature’s mystery and wonder.”

About this song, Silvio writes:

“Nautical” is a portrait of wind and water; a description of almost tipping over and how to escape from the shore. Gathering lines from old photographs, the song swells and fades, bringing along that fleeting feeling of being on a lake.

Calmness gives way to a kind of majestic chaos towards the back end of “Nautical.” Percussionist Tone Rossi (Sad Actor) carries the swells to higher heights with the splash of cymbals, the rollicking nature of of sailboats on open water transferred to the precarious slide of horns.

Stream “Nautucal” below and stay tuned for the January 31st release of Biggest Fish, which was produced and engineered by Asher Brooks of Tutlie.

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