Lazy Salon | photo courtesy of the artistWhen he’s not immersed in classic indie rock tunes and tones in The Twin Atlas, Philly’s Sean Byrne explores the world of atmospheric electronic pop in Lazy Salon.

Reminiscent of the quieter moments of Sigur Ros met with Four Tet, Emeralds, Slowdive and others, Lazy Salon releases its debut album Invisible Like Peace on March 10th.

The record mixes loop-based ambient songs with other tracks based around live band instrumentation, and today we’re happy to premiere for you one of the latter. A gritty drum rhythm on “Title Lands” guides warm keyboard melodies, creating a Caribou / Tortise contrast; about a third of the way into the song, a New Order style counterpoint bass lead pops in for added ambience.

The ultimate feeling is one of urgency, but invitingly so – listen to “Title Lands” below and let it be your wordless rallying cry.