Chase Allen | photo courtesy of the artist

Chase Allen released his debut album Far From Home last year, and it very much reflected where he was at with his life. The Philly-born rapper had just relocated to Los Angeles, feeling inspired and motivated after reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X — so he was indeed far from home, deep in thought, and he channeled those feelings into a collection of songs reflecting on place and identity

That journey continues with the new music video Allen is releasing today. Directed by Good Hype and shot at Weller Court in Little Tokyo, L.A. “See The Light” is a contemplative and infectiously poppy ballad looking at what we’re taught in school and how we it conflicts with reality. Not coincidentally, the video comes out on first day of Black History Month, in a time when it’s important to be aware how the narrative of American history glosses over abuses and atrocities and sometimes casts a sinister light on people who fight for their rights. Says Chase:

I learned about Christopher Columbus before Malcolm X. When I didn’t know any better I thought the black panthers were gangsters. I grew up making fun of dark complexioned kids. If a girl had Cherokee in her family we used to say she had good hair. Seeing the light is about looking past all of the layers of oppression and self hate. The history of slavery is just the tip of the iceberg of our existence. We were once kings, you know?

Chase performs the video while dancing in a tunnel, bathed in multicolored neon tones that dim and raise as the rapper ultimately reaches enlightenment, embracing self-love and black identity, and rises into the stratosphere. Watch it below, and keep tabs on Chase Allen via Facebook for more.