Sun Organ | via

Tim Jordan is proving to be pretty prolific with his Sun Organ project. The local musician/songwriter released his latest EP Something Doesn’t Feel Right earlier this week, a kind of spontaneous follow-up to last September’s People In the Distance In the Dark full-length. Intended to be a solo snowday project for an afternoon home from work, the EP eventually found its final form after several weeks of tinkering and some guest appearances on vocals and bass by a few of Jordan’s friends.

The fuzz we got used to on Jordan’s earlier recordings is smoothed out in favor of drifting, dreamy tones across most of Feel Right‘s six tracks. Guitar strings bend here and there, layers of hazy vocals bleed into each other, all adding a surrealist, which-way-is-up element to the languid recordings. “Face Away From the Dark” is the one track that drops us back in the middle of People In the Distance‘s noisy distortion, a quick burst of pop-tinged grunge that back-lights the warm colors of its surrounding songs.

Drift away to Something Doesn’t Feel Right below and catch Sun Organ on March 5th at Everybody Hits when they return from a late-winter tour.