Whine Moms | via whinemoms.bandcamp.com

I love it when Bandcamp does me a solid and finds some new and local tunes. This time, the gift comes to me in the form of teenage-ridden sad boys Whine Moms and their 3-track push-pitter Merlot.

From the get-go, I knew we’d be in for some quirky house show tunes. Guitarists Justin Dudzinski and Sean Kelley twang their way through Tiny Moving Parts-type anthems of “man, I should talk to that cute girl”, as songs like “I Was Born in Miami On the Only Day it Ever Snowed in Miami” and “My Dear Friend (Swan Boyz)” wonder what could’ve been.

The vocals talents of Alex Tripodi are quintessential indie-emo, and “Matthew Stafford Is A Quality Quarterback” throws a signature growl to a smattering of American Football references. Overall, Merlot is a quick yet gleeful prologue to what should (and will) be a successful career of these up-starts. Is it reinventing emo? No, but goddamn is it fun