Carol Cleveland Sings | Photo by Eric Schuman for WXPN

For our first Indie Rock Hit Parade Live Session of 2017, we’re delighted to be joined by Carol Cleveland Sings. A multimedia pop group, CCS is formed around the duo of Thomas Hughes (The Spinto Band, The Music Tapes) and singer-songwriter Gretchen Lohse. Along with keyboardist/drum programmer Eric Hartman, Hughes and Lohse brought the music of their album Effervescent Lure to our studios.

Conjuring the modular, suite-like songwriting styles of Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks, Hughes takes the lead on the session’s opening song, “(Someone) Like A Wolf,” which features Lohse on a playful bird call whistle. Lohse is in the spotlight for the delicate “Run To Your Bedroom,” which evokes the hush of third-album Velvet Underground. Next is the hazy “Crimson Colored Mantel” and the up-with-people anthem “They Could Be Wrong” closes out the set.

Download the complete Carol Cleveland Sings IRHP Live Session below and have a look at some in-studio pictures, too!