Moor Mother | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

The Motionless Present is a forthcoming collection of poetry set to acerbic soundscapes from local artist and activist Moor Mother. Scheduled for a March release ahead of her appearance at Berlin’s CTM Festival, the album follows last year’s breakthrough Fetish Bones. Previewing her new work, Moor Mother’s Camae Ayewa has shared a collaborative track with NYC producer Geng called “This Week.”

Described as “a statement towards understanding the disconnect between humanity and injustice,” The Motionless Present is expectedly politically-charged. The spoken lyrics of “This Week” challenge police brutality against Ayewa’s sharp, horror film-esque composition, its vibe fully on-edge and abrasive. This is a tone Ayewa uses often to step into perspectives and roles that present a visceral vignette of her life experiences.

In a recent interview with Vice she talked about the importance of truth in music, saying:

“[Music] should tell the truth for whatever its subject is for that song…. It’s important to tell stories not under the lens of Hollywood. I grew up in public housing, I’m not removed from that community. I’m not trying to forget that I grew up in the housing projects, I’m trying to tell the stories of the people that were there…. The poetry that I’m writing is plain and the truth.”

Moor Mother has a few dates scheduled in Philadelphia before heading over to Europe, including a Fetish Bones book release tonight, a house show on March 4th (featuring a collaboration with DJ Haram called 700 Bliss), and a special event called Community Futurism at The Rotunda on March 17th.

Stream “This Week” below.