Jules Kazys Franklin had been pretty quiet on the Elegant Animals front after the 2014 release of Carnivora, but that changed this week with the emergence of Warm Blood Pt. 1. The EP marks the electronic project’s fourth release and was recorded at The Headroom with Kyle Pulley.

Addressing the extended break, Franklin wrote:

Wow…it’s been a minute. Some things take time, but it’s all worth it in the end. This is to Prince. To D’Angelo. To Radiohead. To the warehouse party at 4 AM. To the church on your corner on Sunday morning. To eyes that glow in the dark. To all of those with warm blood. Thanks for lending us your ears again.

You’ll hear the Prince influence right away on opener “Any Moment,” a grooving number that sets the understated electronic tone of the EP. “Like That” brings in more of Franklin’s classic weaving of textured samples and electronic beats, but the overall atmosphere is still focused on a smooth R&B / funk vibe. “Need a Friend” is a stand out, with a catchy hook and almost trap-like percussion way in the back. Wrapping up with “High Gear,” Franklin presents a track to could easily win over a live crowd with its call-and-response lyrics and easy beat – perhaps we’ll see him play these songs out later this year.

Stream Warm Blood Pt. 1 below.