Christopher Sean Powell | photo courtesy of the artist

Best known for his work as drummer in local avant-pop outfit Man Man, Christopher Sean Powell is an explorer of sounds with projects that reach far beyond his main gig. In a new documentary short called Sound Experimentation from the folks at Parallax, Powell gets some space to discuss his interest in improvisation and his alternative approaches to music structure.

Against a montage of live and at-home clips, Powell talks about his experimental approach to creating the sounds that fill his myriad projects. From his work with boutique sound tech company Critter and Guitari to the methodology he utilizes during improvisational live shows and his roots playing in punk bands at house shows, a constant desire to push the boundaries of creation surfaces:

“With instrumental music its really wide open to be able to do anything you want with it, which seems pretty endless – just with those simple parameters of not having words in it and just being able to express with sound.”

Watch Sonic Experimentation below and explore Powell’s work with Spaceship Aloha, Man Man, Need New Body and more here.