The Molochs | photo by Tiana Timmerberg for WXPN |

Sporting jackets to shield them from the east coast chill, LA rockers The Molochs took over the World Cafe Live stage for a powerful Free at Noon gig, blasting through song after song from the band’s newest release America’s Velvet Glory.

With few words mumbled between the sardine-packed setlist, these west coast boys were here for one thing: to bless us with some damn good rock and roll. Their throwback style blends unaging 60s rock with folk and punk roots, making for an extremely raw sound that relies not on fancy petals or processed vocals, but pure passion and energy. Core duo Lucas Fitzsimons and Ryan Foster shined through their Iggy Pop-esque vocals and Doors-like organ work, respectively, as songs like the sexualized “Charlie’s Lips” recall the never-changing qualifiers of musician’s lifestyle: sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Southern rock aesthetics pop up now and again, with Fitzsimons swooning harmonica work on “No More Crying” and Foster’s sliding six string being the main identifiers, while the finale of “You and Me” amplifies the group’s “velvet” aspect to replicate the subterranean New York group. Overall, the twangy five-piece are keeping the marquee oddity of rock music alive, throwing slacker vibes and line-in guitar music into a big ol’ melting pot, serving a killer dose of California swagger to the City of Brotherly Love. Check out photos from the show and listen to an archive below.

The Molochs 3.24.17