Laser Background | courtesy of the artist | Photo by Natalie Piserchio

Andy Molholt, better known as Laser Background, continues to tease his new record Dark Nuclear Bogs (out April 28th), this time with the anxious drum-machine heavy track of “Climb The Hill.” Molholt floats along the synth-filled track, throwing a sprinkle of tasty guitar licks in for good measure. It’s dad rock for digital natives, bringing Demarco’s cool and collective pop to an electronic-heavy world, and man, is it captivating.

Listen to the track below, and be sure to catch Laser Background on tour, now spanning the entire continental US (with a Philly show at PiLam’s BBQ on April 8th). Tickets and more information for the PiLam show can be found on the XPN Concert Calendar.