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Razor Boomarang have been grinding since we hung out with them in late 2016, coming out with not one but TWO full releases in March. Both releases see a more vibrant and confident duo, as RexRiot and Jeff Milnazik slips into their own brand of millennial hype-hop.

Milnazik heads the first release mueller, a beat tape consisting of laid-back spaced-out instrumentals. What I find interesting about his compositions lies within his sporadic use of live instrumentation, like the beautiful acoustics of “search for words” and powerful drums on “redemptions,” creating late-night vibes perfect for summer stargazing in open fields. These surreal tracks act as more of an interlude between releases, as RexRiot’s vocals are welcomed warmly on 2025.

Hopping between career aspirations, lady troubles, and catalytic personal experiences, RexRiot never breaks a sweat on 2025, flowing seamlessly between tracks. Highlights like “Shine” and “Hottest Winter” incorporate a little 90s boombox flair into a modern production, urging you to blast this is your car with the windows down. In addition, guest spots from artists like BASA and Satellite keeps things changing and evolving, making the album feel more like a community than a project.

Intimate moments pop up within the more self-reflective tracks like “1925” and “Waste of Me”, cutting egos with tobacco-filled decision making, landing the release with a lot more authenticity that those factory-churning radio hits. While confident rap/hip-hop like this continues to snake its way through the Top 40, at-home locals like these boys keep the genre grounded and real, manufactured not by “the man”, but by Jeff and Rex.

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