Katie Frank | photo via katiefrank.bandcamp.com

If you thought Katie Frank‘s return single “Through Your Window” hinted at a departure from folk singer-songwriting, Frank’s latest track “Something I Can’t Deny” serves as a full-blown swan-dive into gritty, blues-rock territory.

While Frank’s past repertoire showcases singer-songwriter folk, alt-country, and pop rock, her new track, “Something I Can’t Deny,” effectively takes cues from each of those genres in a mature, tactful way. A heavy, steady bass line opens up the track, which builds with a distorted, fuzzy guitar riff. Frank’s clear, confident vocals carry the song, which conveys a total no-bullshit attitude. All of this coupled with an 80’s big-hair style guitar solo towards the end combine to make this track a catchy piece of badassery, and displays a powerful new route for Katie Frank and her band.

Rock out to “Something I Can’t Deny” below.