Soft Idiot | photo by Anaje Brinkley | via the band’s Facebook page

I absolutely love NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts. There’s something about the intimate, stripped-down, super out-of-place setup that never fails to bring about the best performances from artists. The staff at The Temple News takes cues from this type of gig by hosting a web series that showcases local bands performing in their student news office. The recent feature of local indie-outfit, Soft Idiot, reaffirms this belief that packing musicians into a tiny office and making them play tunes is a vital necessity in life.

In the episode, Soft Idiot performs three acoustic tracks, including “ghost cop,” “Brother Pt. 2,” and “i put a snowman in the freezer.” These renditions show that in addition to their rocking out abilities — as their past single/complete and utter jam, “Love Like” so aptly displayed — they also have a major knack for making minimalist, emotional folk-punk songs.

Watch the up-close and personal Soft Idiot performance at the Temple News office below. Then, check out their latest album, stillborn, on Bandcamp.