Caracara | via

Indie rock kids Caracara are prepping to release a yet-to-be-announced debut record at the end of 2017, but in the meantime, are holding us up with their debut single “Revelatory.” Made up of members of Square Peg Round Hole and W.C. Lindsay, the band’s reverb-filled guitars and swooning synth play huge parts in the debut track, as Caracara searches for a way to express whatever it is they’re feeling.

The Seahaven-like vocals add a bit of a relaxed nature to the tune, and while the band first seems okay, they appear stopped in a constant state of unhappy expression. “I need something in between closure and grief / When I seek revelatory thoughts in bleak daydreams” screams the chorus, as the following final burst of fuzz brings the band into a confused mindset of introspective disappointment.

As another millennial screams for change, Philadelphia gains another great addition to the DIY scene, and we’re more than ready for that full-length.