Palm | photo via Facebook

Palm’s music is something to behold. Like opening up the back of an iPhone, all you see is a mess of inter-working parts coming together to produce something important. And the local’s new song “Walkie Talkie” follows that in step.

Filled with jousting guitars and anxious rhythms, the first track from their new EP Shadow Expert (out June 16th) eviscerates what a “rock” song is. The four piece fills the single with swapped riffs and unsettling tones, making for a song that’ll make you pay attention. Although Palm is adopting a noticeably warmer sound (just in time for summer no less), they aren’t straying away from their math-rock aesthetic.

It’s weird, I get it, but Palm is really challenging Philly’s common DIY vibes of Market Street woes, bedroom acoustics and cheap beer, trading it in for masking tape-held instrumentals in a bustling city (or as NPR Music perfectly puts it, like “a Jackson Pollock jigsaw puzzle”).

Listen to the track below, and if you like what you hear, catch the band this June at PhilaMOCA; tickets/more information can be found on our XPN Concert Calendar.