Pinegrove | photo by Lauren Rosier for WXPN

Imagine this for a moment: a lineup featuring Pinegrove, (Sandy) Alex G, and Great Grandpa. To quote fictional teen icon, Lizzie McGuire, “this is what dreams are made of.”

But this too-good-to-be-true bill was not just a dream for lucky some lucky Alaskan folks, as this gig actually happened in real life out over yonder in Fairbanks. Continuing their releases of tour recap videos, Pinegrove documented the bands’ time there. From the opening shots of Pinegrove frontman, Evan Stephens Hall, cheerily packing up for the journey, to everyone frolicking about in the snow and later jamming out at each other’s sets, this video drips with heart-warming, wholesome friendship.

Set to a soundtrack of each bands’ tunes, the video features the gig’s live performances of Pinegrove’s “V” and (Sandy) Alex G’s “Bobby,” in which Pinegrove/Half Waif member, Nandi Pluckett, fills in on vocals for the beautiful duet.

Check out the marvelous video below.