Plaque Marks | photo by Adam Wallacavage | via

Creepoid, Fight Amp and Ecstatic Vision are all Philly bands that rock in their own right, so you would think a combination of the three would have to rock as well. You’d be correct, and proven so by Plaque Marks, a new hardcore trio formed by Patrick Troxell of Creepoid, Mike McGinnis of Fight Amp and Doug Sabolik of Ecstatic Vision. The band released a two-song single earlier this month and it sure is heavy.

Plaque Marks refers to itself as “the stain on the smile of the Philadelphia music scene” and shouts out Lonestar State bands Rusted Shut and Cherubs for inspiration, as well as locals Pissed Jeans. On “Oregon Chem-Trail” (which really could be a great band name), they waste no time in introducing themselves via a badass amount of noise, with the guitars drowning out raspy, lo-fi screams. Things don’t ease up on the second track, “Plaque Marks,” either. The two songs total five minutes, but those five minutes are a workout.

Give both songs a listen below.