The Stammer | Photo By Lauren Barrett

It’s been nearly two years since we last heard new material from Philly post punk rockers The Stammer. Their debut album Days In Between came out July 2015, and it’s clear they’ve been working on something fresh during the days in between (sorry, I had to) now and then. Their latest, “Over and Over,” is hot off the presses and is free to download on their Bandcamp page.

The new track is a b-side sort of release, coming from the band’s recent sessions at Headroom Studio in which they recorded their upcoming sophomore LP Face In Peril, but not actually appearing on the album itself. It’s a breakup song, although not the kind intended for sulking. Instead, it’s a tune that finds relief in the end of a relationship that wasn’t made to last, and that feeling is easily heard with the delighted, dancey vibe offered by the back-and-forth guitars. With influences from The Cure, Lou Reed and The Walkmen, “Over and Over” found a formula that certainly works.

The Stammer joins Reading, PA indie rockers Talk Louder!, as well as North Carolina bands Happy Abandon and Fluorescence, at the Pharmacy in a few weeks. More info for the 6/21 gig can be found here. Listen to “Over and Over” below.