Folkadelphia Session: Lizzie No - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

Photo by Sydney Lowe
With this year’s debut album Hard Won, Lizzie No graciously provides a bright spot in the all-too-crowded Americana landscape. Soundalike bands and songwriters of all genres nowadays give off the impression that they create music algorithmically and not organically, probably thinking about playlist placements on Spotify than dreaming up great art. Rather than by rote, Lizzie No creates by gut, by experience, by feeling, by imagination, by inspiration, and through tremendous musical ability and collaboration. It leaves her “Americana” album often not sounding much like your standard issue roots and twang band; look no further than the fact she busts out a harp, which she dazzles on. It’s just the exciting beginning for Lizzie No, but she’s already giving me hope that I may never have to hear another “hey-ho,” millennial whoop again.

In May 2017, Lizzie No and Bartees Cox joined us at the WXPN studio to perform songs from Hard Won for Folkadelphia.

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