Sad13 | Photo by Noah Silvestry for WXPN |

Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim is back with their program, Adult Swim Singles, in which they release a free tune every week for the next year. Sadie Dupuis’ Sad13 fills this week’s slot as the featured track with a new song titled “Sooo Bad.”

Traveling a shimmery, synth-driven landscape, “Sooo Bad” is reminiscent of Grimes‘ anime-inspired electro-pop and practically screams perfection as an Adult Swim cartoon theme song. Which should definitely become a thing.

Especially since Dupuis wonderfully nerded out in a recent Facebook post over being included in the Adult Swim Singles Program for a second year — noting that the name of Sad13’s album Slugger is based off a character from Adult Swim’s Paranoia Agent. Dupuis also mentioned in the post that she recorded the song overnight in her mom’s dining room, which just makes the tune that much more awesome.

Give the dining room recorded track “Sooo Bad” a listen below, then check out the futuristic interactive graphics and other weekly tunes here.