Give Sofia Verbilla a chance to blow you away with her music. Verbilla leads Harmony Woods, a new Philly-area band whose debut Nothing Special is actually absolutely special for many reasons, least of which being that their talent is far beyond any member’s age. And people are listening; the excitement and enthusiasm around Harmony Woods right now is palpable: the Internet is aflutter with support, gigs are being booked, plans are being made, in-studio sessions are being recorded (after high school graduation parties, of course). John Vettese of WXPN/the Key writes that listeners might hear echoes of emo-revival acts like Sorority Noise and Modern Baseball or emotive songwriters like Mitski, I heard traces of groups like Rainer Maria and Seam too. However, any hype you feel or I create should not distract from the fact that Verbilla and Harmony Woods are just starting to scratch the surface of an immense imagination, flex a muscular gift for songcraft and storytelling, and put on display a compelling and energetic live show. You’re damn right it’s powerful stuff.

Word-of-mouth recommendations continue to be a beautiful gift in this world (sorry, algorithms) and the most reliable, trusted way to find great music. Thus, I owe many thanks to John Vettese and The Key for their championing of Harmony Woods from the start. For an in-depth dive into the band, check out The Key’s band profile.

Listen to Harmony Woods’ Folkadelphia & The Key Session and watch a live video for “Vignette 1/The Worst Things” below. This collaboration between Folkadelphia and the Key is the 2nd in hopefully a long a fruitful series (the first featured local songwriter Shannen Moser)

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