Blonde Premier with Les Paul body, stolen from Tutlie. Photo from facebook.

Usually, when Philadelphia’s Tutlie shows up on The Key, you can expect to read about the indie folk-pop group’s impressive harmonies, their ethereal sweeping soundscapes, new music and shows, the like. That’s enjoyable reading and writing, good news about good people in good bands. Yesterday, though, Tutlie posted on their Facebook page that they came back to their rehearsal space to find that thousands of dollars worth of gear had been stolen. A loss of this magnitude is a major setback for any band, and especially for a young independent band such as Tutlie. See the list of the stolen equipment, and keep an eye on secondhand sales of similar items.  Help spread the word – we hope to see an update with good news in the near future – fingers crossed!

Japanese Pink Paisley Telecaster
Blonde Premier with Les Paul body
Nord Eletro 3 keyboard with Nord softcase
2007 Macbook Pro
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface
Beyerdynamic clampmount trumpet mic
Bookbag style laptop bag, various cables.