Hear Joey Sweeney & The Neon Grease's Debut Single "Baptized In Vibe"
Joey Sweeney & The Neon Grease | Courtesy of the artist

Singer-songwriter Joey Sweeney has been a familiar presence in the Philly music scene since the 80’s, and from solo efforts to his earlier projects such as The Barnabys and The Trouble With Sweeney to publishing cityblog Philebrity.com the Philly native has worn many different hats over the years.

Sweeney is now ready to introduce his latest project Joey Sweeney & The Neon Grease, releasing the alt-rock group’s easy-listening debut single today. “Baptized In Vibe” tells the story of Sweeney’s upbringing in Fishtown and overcoming struggles. Sweeney tells Impose Mag (which premiered the single)

This is a song about growing up without much, but using what you have to get what you need. I grew up in a time and place and fashion — 1970s Fishtown, impossibly Catholic, like whoa uptight — where even the idea that you might one day be a person of the world was like a crazy, delusional notion. But then, ultimately, you realize that almost everyone has, at some sweet spot in their youth, some kind of agency where they might be able to begin to hop over the wall of their own circumstances. That’s a terrifying experience but it’s also a glorifying one, once you notice how whatever that struggle was somehow made you simultaneously tougher and more cool — with the world, and ultimately yourself. So I wrote this to be like a rallying cry for that whole experience.

The Neon Grease made its performance debut last night, July 6th, at Johnny Brenda‘s. More singles will be coming throughout the summer, potentially leading up to a full album. In the meantime, listen to “Baptized In Vibe” below.

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