A funny thing happened around XPN HQ this week involving...horses. - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

I like to think that WXPN is a pretty fun place to work. Beyond the music, that is; beyond the studio sessions, Free at Noon concerts, etc. etc. Beyond all of that, the office atmosphere itself is inviting and positive.

We got an illustration of that on Monday morning when a number of my coworkers returned from their weekend — or, in Talia Schlanger’s case, from vacation — to discover animal figurines adorning their workspaces. Mostly horses; at least one tiger.

Talia posted the above Tweet wondering what the heck was up; program director Bruce Warren replied in the most XPN way possible.

I chimed in:

And we were off to the races (hah).

The Twitter thread that ensued stretched over two days and encompassed contributions from other on-air staffers like Eric Schuman, local promoters, music publicists and XPN listeners, all trying to keep the conversation going with a horse-related song — or other equine classics, to borrow Schuman’s phrase, including “Dig A Pony” in versions by both The Beatles and St. Vincent.

We compiled some of the highlights in a Spotify playlist; give it a listen below. Did we leave out your favorite horse song? Let us know what it is in the comments!

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