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Fine Motor | photo courtesy of the artist

Casey Bell and Dan Morse, also known as Fine Motor, are readying their debut full-length album, a self-titled project that they began in Philly and took to their new home in Reno, Nevada.

“The album is a product of transition,” says Morse over e-mail. “feeling initially uprooted but then finding a supportive community in Reno. Also, we should point out that both Reno and Philly are gritty, underdog cities. While the weather couldn’t be any more different, the vibe is strangely similar and similarly strange.”

The punk riffs of one of the duo’s previous projects, Break it Up, can perhaps be heard on this record, but they are much grittier and introspective, especially in the first track, “89502.” Even though the mood gets a little bit more upbeat in “See it in the Dog,” there is still some darkness there. Some of Bell’s affinity for soft-spoken, reflective songwriting, showcased on her solo record Dog Barking at the Moon, gets some play in the downtempo “Lady in the Radiator,” a riff on the “In Heaven” song from David Lynch’s Eraserhead.

Bell’s soft, eerie voice sails throughout the record, with Morse adding some unison and harmony lines that provide contrast in register. The duo’s unison speak-singing in “Concentration Chant” is haunting and rhythmic, and sounds like it was written for a boxer to listen to right before a match. Needless to say, the sonic moods on the record are diverse.

The duo plays with Philly bassist Eric Freda, and just teamed up with Chicago guitarist Chris Mays. Jeff White mastered the record in Port Richmond, and it will be released on Philly’s Exotic Fever Records. Give it a listen below, and grab a pre-order here; Fine Motor performs live at Boot and Saddle on Tuesday, July 25th. Tickets and more information on the show can be found here.

Preorder the album here and

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