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Charly Bliss | Photo by John Vettese for WXPN

Joining us in the studio for this Indie Rock Hit Parade Live Session is the NY “bubblegum punk” quartet Charly Bliss. Formed just a few short years ago by singer Eva Hendricks guitarist Spencer Fox, drummer Sam Hendricks and bassist Dan Shure. Charly Bliss released their debut album, Guppy, earlier this year. Plenty of other bands’ music sits at the crossroads of grunge and glitz, but what sets Charly Bliss apart is the band’s intricate harmonies. You’ll hear them on the three songs they performed live in our studio:

Starting the session off is “Westermarck,” one of the singles released from Guppy. Eva’s voice may sound playful, but the subject matter (forbidden familial attraction) and the roaring guitars are anything but gentle. Next up is “Percolator” which, true to its name, bubbles and cracks with energy. The closing song, “Glitter,” features the gutting refrain of “Am I the best?/Or just the first person to say ‘yes?'” It’s that kind of ‘just self-deprecating enough’ attitude that makes Charly Bliss’ music so addictive.

Listen to the full Indie Rock Hit Parade session with Charly Bliss below, watch a video of the band performing “Westermarck” in our studio, and check out some of John Vettese’s photos from the session below.

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