Alright Junior | photo courtesy of the artist

Philly rock outfit Alright Junior released the impressive Inhibition EP last fall, a followup to their 2014 debut Amusia. It’s a punchy, thoughtful set of songs from singer-guitarist Jace Miller, drummer Mike Fraclose and bassist Jamie Victor, and they’re still resurfacing into the world in unique ways — like this new stop motion video for “Hold On To My Breath Again.”

Cast in pointillist stop animation and fine-grain, multi-colored sand (the stuff you might recall from bottle art at summer camp and on the boardwalk), the video takes place on what initially looks like a deep space outpost — the jet black pinhole sky playing no small part in this. But as the footage zooms out and moves around, it appears we are somewhere on the polar extremities of Earth, either Arctic or Antarctic, and as we move around the barren snowscape with an army of penguins and other life forms, the aurora borealis shimmers overhead.

Paired with the anthemic track — which is indebted to Soundgarden, Bends-era Radiohead and Kings of Leon — it becomes a meditation on emotional isolation and self-reliance. Watch it below, catch Alright Junior playing an acoustic show at The Barbary on August 31st, and listen for them on The Key Studio Sessions soon too.