Friendship | photo by Abi Reimold | courtesy of the artist

Philly indie folk outfit Friendship have just shared a new single in addition to announcing a release date for their sophomore album, Shock Out of Season, which will be out on November 3rd via Orindal Records.

“If You See My Beloved” is a five minute long track that edges along to a steady beat and a static electro atmosphere. The power of the song lies in the lyrics, however, with frontman Dan Wriggins’ conversational, stream-of-conscious words painting a picture of a deteriorating relationship through his realistic recount of a rainy day excursion.

With lines like “Clouds float off / do their drifty thing” and the parting words of “If you see my beloved / say what’s up for me” the song finds strength in the symbolism of everyday normalities, as well as through impeccable subtlety — like the microscopic voice crack before Wriggins asks in heartbreak, “how long do we have?”

Don’t miss Friendship’s show at Johnny Brenda’s with Kath Bloom on August 14th.  Listen to “If You See My Beloved” below.

01 “If You See My Beloved”
02 “Sal”
03 “A Few Weeks”
04 “Fuzzy”
05 “Workhorse”
06 “Sure, But”
07 “Skip To The Good Part”
08 “Moment Of Discovery”