Black Thought at The Roots Picnic | Photo by John Vettese for WXPN

Jimmy Fallon is lucky to have The Roots as his house band for The Tonight Show. Pretty much every night he gets to hear the Philly legends, and for Monday’s episode, though, it was a little more amazing than usual.

The Roots had the musical performance to play out the night’s show. Their longtime collab partner and soulful wizard Bilal joined them with vocals of his own, as well as a sizeable orchestra, for a rendition of “It Ain’t Fair,” a song from the soundtrack of the new movie Detroit. I already wanted to see the movie. Now I absolutely have to.

A lot of times, watching these performances on TV can feel like something is lacking. Not this one. Bilal’s work on the mic will teach you a lesson. Black Thought’s rap verses will make you want to take that lesson and pass it on to someone else. The song, as the kids say, is quite woke. And it’s one heck of a seven-minute jam in the process, a rollercoaster of vibes that rolls through all levels of funk.

Watch the video for “It Ain’t Fair” below.