Honeytiger | photo via honeytiger.bandcamp.com

It’s Tangerine time, my good people. Not to be confused with the citrus fruit, it’s something even fresher ‘n cooler — Honeytiger‘s new EP. If you’ve been keeping up, the local rock duo has been releasing a stream of sneak peak singles over the past few weeks in anticipation of today. This included an exclusive garage rock jam sesh at The Key Studio Sessions, where they kindly performed all but one of the new tracks for us.

With the official release today, the last piece of the Tangerine puzzle has been found through ways of the new song,”Warm Drug,” which you can listen to below. This track drips ominous intrigue as it conjures up an essence of a dark-lit movie scene where the character’s walking alone through the city at night, while an atmosphere of otherworldly, electric mystique buzzes about. It’s an enticing, eerie kind of cool that slow builds into a hypnotizing jam fest.

Come out for a heavy rock party as Honeytiger celebrates their EP release with a Kung Fu Necktie gig this Sunday. Find more info on the show here, and listen to “Warm Drug” below.