Thin Lips | photo by Jessica Flynn | courtesy of the artist

After preparing some tasty frittatas in Drago’s kitchen, Kyle Pulley of Thin Lips joined Dan for an early morning convo for the 80th episode of 25 O’Clock.

The two begin their chat how all chats should start: by paying reverence to the gods that are the Beatles. This transitions into a bemoaning of the stupidly low appreciation for bass players, and the need for negative space in songs — all of which are stances I totally concur with.

Briefly touching upon The Grateful Dead, and the I-don’t-give-a-hoot attitude towards clothing as you grow older, the two then delve into discussing the timeline of moving from music fan, to musician, to music producer. In other words, Kyle Pulley’s life. Because if you didn’t know, in addition to playing bass for Thin Lips, he also produces a heaping of Philly tunes — working with Pine Barons, Hop Along, and Katie Ellen to name a few.

Like all of the 25 O’Clock sessions, it’s a really interesting listen. And with Drago taking a brief hiatus from the podcast, it’s a great one to send off with. Take some time to listen to the 80th episode below, then be sure to catch Thin Lips when they play Johnny Brenda’s on November 3rd with Worriers and Katie Ellen. Info on tickets are available here.