Hurry | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |

Last year, our friends in Hurry brought us their inaugural Halloween Spectacular — a spooky scary costume-filled show stacked with an amazing Philly lineup — and lucky for us, they’re making it an annual thing. Hurry’s 2nd Annual Halloween Spooktacular will bring some ghoulishly good Halloween magic to Everybody Hits on Oct. 28, and whether you’re a fan of the holiday or not, it’s sure to be a show you won’t want to miss.

And if you’ve ever dreamed about seeing your favorite local bands in crazy costumes while chowing down on some Halloween candy at the batting cages, you’re in luck. Cave People return to play this year’s show, along with Shannen Moser, Anomie (Rachel Browne of Field Mouse), and of course the one and only Hurry. Last year, Hurry showed up dressed in costumes from the 90s cult horror film The Crow (all three members were the crow; it was great), so who knows what could happen this year?

Hurry’s 2nd Annual Halloween Spooktacular | image via

Hurry encourages the audience to wear costumes, too, and promises to provide the candy and the music. And if you need any more reason to get to the gig, it’s all for a good cause — all proceeds benefit the Humane League of Philadelphia, an organization dedicated to reducing animal suffering.

See photos and read The Key’s review of last year’s show here. Find tickets and more information on Hurry’s 2nd Annual Halloween Spooktacular over at R5 Productions. Below, watch Hurry’s video for “Nothing to Say.”