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Sharon Van Etten | Photo by Cameron Pollack

If you watch the upcoming documentary film DINA, some local sights may catch your eye. The film is billed as a “real-life romantic comedy” and follows the events and experiences of suburban PA couple Dina Buno and Scott Levin, who both face the challenges of being in a relationship while living with mental disabilities. The film won awards at Sundance, but since it doesn’t premiere until Oct. 6, we didn’t know a ton about it other than that basic premise. But, a few days ago, a welcome surprise appeared in the form of a Michael Cera + Sharon Van Etten collab. The song “Best I Can,” from the film’s soundtrack, comes with a video featuring the film’s cast and was shot right in our neck of the woods — the suburbs of Glenside, Jenkintown, West Chester and Springfield are among the locations used.

Cera, mostly known as an actor, stepped into his music shoes to write and record the catchy synth-pop song, playing most of the instrumentals while XPN favorite Van Etten took the lead on vocals. The unlikely duo reportedly met by chance a few years back, hit it off, and now share a practice space. This is their first recorded collaboration, but since they seem to work together so well, perhaps we can expect more in the future.

In the “Best I Can” video, the filmmakers give a pastel color palette to unmistakable Philly suburb backdrops, the light and carefree tone of the song lending some insight into the film’s heartfelt message. Watch the video below, and keep a close eye on the end credits, which provide thanks to some regional locales. To catch DINA in select theaters, check listings here.

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