Mohican | photo via

Instrumental metal-inspired locals MOHICAN shared a new track on their Bandcamp page to tease an October 10th release of their new EP smart drug for machines. The new EP will be the Philly-based band’s first release since 2015 and its fourth since 2012.

The new track which can be heard below is a very spacey, almost dramatic, four-minute venture titled “open circle.” Usually, MOHICAN rarely features vocal lines in their music; instead, they highlight various types of guitar distortions and driving melodies. But “open circle” slightly breaks the mold. The short vocal piece of the song adds an ominous layer of sound to an already highly unpredictable track. The transitions between heavy guitar strumming and loud drums to soft high-hats and pretty plucking are very deceptive, which helps drive this exciting single and makes it clear smart drug for machines is sure to be an eventful sonic ride.