Weller | photo by Emily Dubin | via artist’s Facebook page

With their self-titled album just weeks away from release, Philly scene staples Weller have given us another sneak peek at the upcoming record by ways of their new infectiously optimistic track, “Point of Personal Privilege.”

After Weller warmly welcomes us to the song through a sweet guitar melody introduction, they quickly preview a taste of the track’s upcoming celebration with a jolt of pure, uplifting energy. But just as quickly, the ray of light vanishes — replaced with steady drums; somber, meditative vocals, and some uberly important negative space relief points.

Continuing in this oscillating sonic pattern, a backing choir of literal heavenly angels then submerges the song in a glowing, golden sheen before the track explodes into an exuberant troubadour joyfulness reminiscent of The Oh Hello’s.

This emanation of unabashed hope through struggle shapes “Point of Personal Privilege” as the upcoming album’s perfect ending track, and promises to be an insanely fun live performance.

Speaking of which, you can join in on the party hooplah through Weller’s record release basement show at JJ’s Diner on November 4th along with Three Man Cannon and AllegrA. Prep for the gig and Weller’s album release on October 20th by dancing to the track below.