SPORTS | photo via

We never had any doubt that Philly-via-Ohio punks SPORTS are, as their Twitter handle indicates, the best band called Sports, and their latest release only makes us more thankful to have them as a part of the Philly scene.

SPORTS teamed up with San Francisco’s Plush for a 7″ split, out now via Father/Daughter Records, and it flawlessly accomplishes what the best splits set out to do — bringing together two bands that pair comfortably but are sonically different enough to make a well-balanced sampling of really great tunes. And while SPORTS are pretty familiar around these parts by now, having recently joined us for a Key Studio Session, the split provides a welcome introduction to West-Coasters Plush, whose measured and melodic tones round out the split with the 6-minute track “50/50 20/20.” Their warm, brooding tones counter the raw and upbeat energy of SPORTS’ two short and lively tracks, “Making It Right” and “Calling Out,” the labelmates’ distinct but complementary styles coming together for a satisfyingly fresh collection of sounds from each coast.

You can catch SPORTS in town Nov. 8 when they play a show at West Philly’s Pilam with Yucky Duster, Fits and Boosegumps — find more information on that show here. Listen to the split via Bandcamp below.