Kings of Freon | photo via

Philadelphia’s Kings of Freon are icons of sorts in the very niche novelty indie rock world. Specifically, “fridgepunk” — that’s the genre descriptor the band uses and we can assume they likely coined the term themselves. The band was featured in a May edition of The Key’s Items Tagged Philadelphia after they appeared on Bandcamp with their relentlessly thematic tunes. After releasing an EP of surprisingly solid songs earlier this year — which are undeniably raw and catchy despite technically being about refrigerator repair –the fridgepunk masters (masters by default, I guess, since they may just be the only fridgepunkers out there) are back with Fridge Over Troubled Water.

The 7-track album is presented with some fridge-centric reimagined Simon & Garfunkel artwork and song titles like “Turkey Problem” and “Baking Soda,” but strikes into some lyrical territory that moves a bit beyond fridges. There’s plenty of fridge-ambiguity, too — lines like “This thing is out of gas, it’s never gonna last,” could be about a literal fridge, but is also maybe a metaphor? Either way, the tight and polished coherency of the songs proves that Kings of Freon know what they’re doing in terms of sheer musical talent and bold creativity, but make it clear that they’re here to do things their own way, fridges and all.

100% of the proceeds from Fridge Over Troubled Water benefit United for Puerto Rico. Give fridgepunk a chance and listen below.