Carly Comando | photo via

Carly Comando may be known around here as one half of the delightful power duo Slingshot Dakota, but that band doesn’t even scrape the surface of the Lehigh Valley artist’s work. In Comando’s other life, she’s a classically trained, Emmy award-winning pianist and composer, best known for the achingly beautiful piano ballad “Everyday.”

You can search “Everyday” on YouTube and find countless recordings of the song, which according to Deep Elm Records receives upwards of 100 million cumulative plays per year on the site. Now, Comando has released her first-ever filmed performance of the popular song. 

Comando says of the new recording:

“‘Everyday’ reflects my conflicting feelings of confidence as an artist and the frightening unknowing of what the future holds. I am forever reminded that this song’s meaning and perception varies from listener to listener, as I have been fortunate enough to hear from so many around the world…We all may associate different emotions to this song, but it’s magical how it brings us all together. I will never take that for granted.”

Watch the video, shot in black and white and featuring Comando on a grand piano, below.