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Self-described “emotional softcore” group, Vivian K. are fairly new in town — recently relocating from truly sunny Orlando to the “always sunny” Philadelphia. They thankfully didn’t leave behind their emo angst though, which is very alive and well in their new self-released album, Vacuums. Save the closing track, each song clocks in at an average of one to two minutes long, and is a wild ride of high energy disdain for most things.

The gang doesn’t waste time in spunky self-deprecation as they open the album with the sardonically blaring track, “Why We Suck.” A quick and wired mini-anthem devoted to giving negative eleven shits, the first dang line proclaims: “I don’t give a f**k if you’re not listening anymore,” then proceeding to provide more lyrical gems, such as the power guitar / drum punctuated line: “every day is a series of small heart attacks.”

Some more standout tracks follow, including the punk vagabond, soft-scream ballad, “Where Roses Grow Wild,” the hooky melancholy sing-along, “Now I Am Nothing,” and the folky, Celtic punk-tinged, “Seven Chords and the Truth.”

Standing in stark contrast from the bunch is the closer, “Untitled.” Though opening with the less-than-warm-and-fuzzy introduction of “Welcome to my nightmare,” the song is a bouncy piano ballad at heart — which for Vivian K. at least, might just qualify as a kind of love-type-ish song. A more off-kilter brand of love song, I admit, where the thought of being able to love someone is actually pretty much fought at all costs. But in the end, love prevails as the final line admits in defeat/triumph: “it’s worth the pain to have you near me, even if we just hate everything.”

Stream “Vacuums” below.

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