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Zinskē | photo via zinske.bandcamp.com

Zinskē may be one of the newest bands in town, but its members are far from newcomers to the scene. The four-piece includes Chris Lipczynski and Derek Salazar of Seagulls, Emily Cahill of The Morelings and Iseult, and Kevin O’Halloran of Little Big League and Mercury Girls — and that probably doesn’t even cover the extent of each artist’s past and current projects. The supergroup lineup came together recently and has been playing some shows around Philly, and now they’ve released an EP — Screw the Golden Years is streaming now on Bandcamp.

The five-track EP is filled with soft and shoegazey sounds mixed with a raw basement punk edge, featuring Lipczynski’s heavy and brooding vocals alongside fuzzy instrumentals. Opening track “Contact Solution” is fast-paced and gritty, driven by a deep and steady drum line which flows into the lighter, more melodic “Teeth.” The EP rides a delicate balance, aligning heavier punk undertones with what, in another context, could almost pass for dreamy pop melodies. Zinskē executes this with a persistent sense of authenticity — from the lightness of the guitars on “Hey, Chief” to the gritty moodiness of “Soft Radiator,” it’s like the band subconsciously brought their varied influences together into an effortlessly materialized collection of songs that sound like no other.

Listen below.

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