Friendship | photo by Abi Reimold | courtesy of the artist

The opening track off Friendship‘s Shock Out of Season is the rambling “If You See My Beloved,” which in its five minutes sets the tone for the soft and drifting narrative-driven album. The Philly indie folk outfit released their new LP last month and recently shared a video for “If You See My Beloved” that grounds the song’s dreamily ambient tones in everyday images shot around town on 35mm film.

The sometimes gritty, sometimes idyllic Philly settings that pop up throughout the video are so recognizable that I don’t have to list them, and yet they take on a new feeling when paired with the song’s quiet contemplation. As we follow Dan Wriggins across the city — by car, by bus and by foot — familiar landmarks take on a hazy lucidity, and we see the poignancy of everyday moments through the songwriter’s eyes as he repeats, “if it don’t bother you, then it don’t bother me.”

Watch the video below and listen to Shock Out of Season here.