Danimakesmusic | via the artist’s Facebook page

As much joy as the holiday season can bring, there’s something about those certain quiet, melancholy songs that somehow fit the mood just right. And while Danimakesmusic‘s new track “Street Signs” isn’t a holiday song, per se, it’s hauntingly sad and reflective in a way that perfectly captures the loneliness that can creep in even during the happiest of times, a soundtrack for that almost indescribable feeling of the weather getting colder and the world becoming decked in twinkling lights.

The track opens with glowing and echoing synth sounds reminiscent of classic organ tunes; it’s almost two minutes later that the artist’s vocals kick in with “It’s easy to believe you were next to me / when fire burned down our Christmas tree / you show your teeth, happy and free / finally a holiday built for me.”

It’s fitting that this song of solitude comes from a solo artist. Danimakesmusic was featured in The Key’s Items Tagged Philadelphia series earlier this year, and is a self-described experimenter of sounds. “Street Signs” comes from Danimakesmusic’s latest EP, called Happy Place — the title might seem ironic, and while the other songs on the EP are a bit more upbeat, “Street Signs” is the kind of sad that is oddly comforting.

Listen to “Street Signs” below and check out the rest of Danimakesmusic’s releases on Bandcamp.