Americanadian | photo via


Americanadian is a youthful bunch. Along with age — the three members range from high school to mid college students — the Philly group has only just started to release their dreamy indie surf pop jams over the past year. Even then, the project began simply as lead singer Serena Scalzi’s lo-fi solo endeavor, with the additions of band members Jeff Weingarten and Nina Fuchs not happening until just this past summer.

This sense of youngin-ness isn’t a detriment here, though. Particularly in their new track, “Apple Cider Vinegar.” In fact, it’s exactly this youthful, unapologetic sparkle of energy that makes the song feel so infectiously light and airy. Dancing in the realm of sweet punks Remember Sports and Diet Cig while infusing their own floaty flair, “Apple Cider Vinegar” joins the October-released, spunky tune, “Peachy” as the last single before they drop a full EP.

Before that TBA date, you can catch Americanadian at North Philly’s Dimmadome on January 12th, along with tunes from Grant Pavol, PhillyGreen, and Nowadays. Who knows, maybe Doug Dimmadome himself — you know, the owner of the Dimmsdale DImmadome — will be there in all his white cowboy hat, Colonel Sanders-style glory. Find info on the gig’s Facebook page here, and stream “Apple Cider Vinegar” below.