Dan Reed and Robert Drake talk winter storms, Cookie Rabinowitz shares an "instant song" called "Bomb Cyclone Shuffle" - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart
DJ Robert Drake | photo by Joe Del Tufo for WXPN

In case you’ve not heard already, the next few days are going to get cold. Like, colder than it’s been. I’m talking caps lock COLD. But, for a levelheaded assessment of the weather and what it’s going to do, it’s always good to turn to DJ Robert Drake. For not being a meteorologist — at least not in a greater-than-hobbyist sense — he has an astonishing degree of accuracy (via his Twitter and other social media channels) reading weather patterns and determining what storms are going to do, as compared to the people who actually make weather predictions their job.

Today he appeared on the air with WXPN’s Dan Reed and shared what he sees as the reason why: he doesn’t buy into the hype, he just calls the shots like he sees them, and he explained to Reed the nuances of what accelerated drops in atmospheric pressure are going to do to the eastern seaboard over the next two days. Reed, by admission, totally loves the hype element of extreme weather, and rang up his friend Cookie Rabinowitz earlier in the afternoon to record an “instant song” about the forecast. 40 minutes later, “Bomb Cyclone Shuffle” was ready to go, complete with a Robert Drake name drop, just in time for the show. Listen to the interview and song below.

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