Julia Rainer | photo by Dom Malandro | courtesy of the artist

“I wrote the song a few days after arriving in treatment for addiction,” says Philly singer-songwriter Julia Rainer of her moving single “Blood Run.” “But I think it is emotionally relatable to the experiences of anyone who’s lost their mind for a period.”

The song comes from Rainer’s 2017 album Spirits, and the music matches the mood, with intertwining electric guitars strumming chords and bending notes in a forlorn twang. Beyond that, it’s just Rainier’s vocal in our ears — no backing band, no bombastic production — just a person relating their trauma and trials, their self-doubt and insecurities, and their determination to overcome.

“My thoughts they tried to kill me, heavy with their blows,” Rainer sings. “So now I must defend them, my sanity, my soul.”

Last month, the song got a powerful visual component care of director Alex Blaszczuk, cinematographer Chris McKee and actor Shelby Marne, where a lonely day wandering in the autumn woods helps the central character find release in a blood-soaked catharsis

Rainer tells us it is very important to be able to use her experience to help others and destigmatize addiction. “And to show that recovery is possible,” she says. “Otherwise people remain too scared to ask for help when they want it. At the release, the creators of the video talked about how they related to the story through times they had to face their own trauma, separate from issues of addiction.”

Julia Rainer’s next show is February 21st at Tralfalmadore in South Philadelphia; follow her on Facebook for more details about upcoming shows. Below, watch the “Blood Run” video.

CONTENT WARNINGThis video contains nudity and theatrical blood, viewer discretion is advised.