Sophie Coran | photo by Rachel Del Sordo

Singer songwriter and Philly native Sophie Coran has just released All That Matters, her latest EP and a project is a product of years studying music, traveling Europe, and working in the restaurant industry.

Overall the songs are smooth, partially whimsical, and rich — mainly due to the full band arrangement, courtesy of 6/8 of Philly jazz band Darla. The fact that the songs are based around Coran’s experiences working in restaurants is evident in the lyrics in a subtle way, and makes the songs more interesting than the average love song.

Although soulful, her voice is also quite clean in a way that adds more of a pop/musical theater sensibility to the music. Add in catchy, resonant lyrics like “I’d do anything for them, and them me, when they’re drunk,” and the EP communicates her unique voice while easily transporting the listener to a warm coffee shop on a rainy day.

Listen to the new EP here and keep an eye on her website for news of upcoming performances.